Sunday, April 29, 2007


and what I stood in line for 2 hours on a wednesday morning for:

damn you Anya Hindmarch


bloggingjames said...

Hmmmm do you really want one of those Anya Hindmarch bags. Have you read the articles about how they are made in China (a country with terrible labour laws) and are not approved by any fair trade or organic organisation

Cameron Dallas DuPre said...

Yeh, I do.
I could care less what 6 year old breaks his fingers over making my bag.
Chances are, some poor little jungle brat put his blood sweat and tears into cutting the patterns for the shirt on your very back.

At least my bag looks cuter than your jungle brat shirt.

PLUS, If I can pay $15 for something that someone just bought from me for $137, I'll do it any day, all day, every day.